Wilsons of Cambridge Legal Support services

Legal Support Services

Wilsons of Cambridge can offer the following Legal Support Services

Wilsons of Cambridge have built up extensive knowledge of a range of legal issues from our work on previous projects and contracts. We can use this experience to provide legal support services to you on your project.

Such examples where we can assist include:

– Preparing extension of time claims.

– Quantifying and evaluation of changes.

– Preparing loss and/or expense claims.

– Critical paths analysis.

– Dealing with multiple changes impacting on programme and cost.

– Identification of time impacts upon contract programmes due to changes.

– Evaluating the cost and value of these changes.

– Disruption claim without extension of time entitlement claims.

– Management of differential claims from downstream to upstream.

– Resolution of the two parties’ interpretation of contract contents.

– Preparation and submission of interim applications for payment.

– Final Account preparation, submission and negotiations.

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