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Change Management Services

Wilsons of Cambridge can offer the following Change Management Services

Most projects have some changes during the life of the project. These changes or variations could be:

– Changes in quantities

– Additional work

– A change in scope

– Amendments to the order or sequence of activities in the programme

Or a combination of all of the above to varying degrees.

Changes have an impact upon the cost of the project and your recovery.

We can establish under the form of contract, together with any contract specific amendments to the standard form of contract, the way forward to process the change.

Time is often critical to managing changes, some forms of contract have time restrictions, so don’t dealing or put aside dealing with changes. Contact Wilsons of Cambridge to help your project and your changes.

We can assist with identification and valuing of these changes. Please contact us to discuss further of how we can help find a solution to your Change Management issue.

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